Tadasuke Jinno is a New York based visual artist from Japan.

His practice includes painting, sculpture and installation with various materials. He learned graphic design at Tokyo Designer Gakuin College in Nagoya, and worked as a graphic designer more than 10 years in Japan. He came to NY in 2010, and then he went to the Art Students League of NY to study painting. He had a solo exhibition at Tazza gallery, Chelsea in 2012 and 2013, and joined the artist residency program at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn from January to June 2014 and at Pilotenkuche in Leipzig Germany December 2015 to March 2016 and GlogauAIR in Berlin Germany February to April 2017 and Zaratan AIR in Lisbon Portugal at 2017. His work has been selected for the permanent collection of Art Students League of NY at 2013.




Artist Statement

He is trying to obscure the boundary of things. It expresses with various materials, colors, shapes, spaces and effect such as distortion, reflection, moire, blur and so on. It should be possible to reconfirm the existence and relationship of each of the boundaries by making ambiguity of the boundary line. Art for him is a challenge of changing sense of values and how to see a point of view which you’ve had.  My recent works use special effects such as moire and blur on their surface, and cast a doubt on the sense of the flatness.  The latest works explore the influence of the physical sensation upon perception. Looking, touching, entering into, these action may give a subtle sense of incongruity to what you imagined. By partitioning the real world, you may find a space where the new reality is born. These works evoke the confusion and irritation of perception. Moreover, it becomes ambiguous about the relationship between the artwork and the viewer by being a part of the artwork.

Tadasuke Jinno


Solo Exhibition
2014"Tadasuke Jinno Solo Exhibition" Makari, New York, NY
2013 "Out of Order", Tazza Gallery, New York, NY
2012 "In Other Places", Tazza Gallery, New York, NY
Group Exhibition
2018 “Summer Group Art Exhibition by Japanese Artists”, MaKaRi, New York, NY.
2017 “Open Studio Exhibition ”, Zaratan AIR, Lisbon, Portugal.
2017 “MARS”, Alfa gallery, Miami, FL.
2017 “Young Japanese Artist Summer group exhibition”, Makari, New York, NY.
2017 "First Friday", Jamaica center for Art and Learning, New York, NY
2017 Open studio exhibition, GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
2017 New Works, Raum.Weisz,Leipzig, Germany
2016 "Re-View: INTERVIEW, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
2016 "Gute Stube" Spinnerei Rundgand, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
2014 2013 Merit scholarship winners exhibition, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, Art Students League, New York, NY
2014 May "Parallel Shift", NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Mar "Residency Artist Season I open studio" Brooklyn, NY
2014 Jan-sep "The Conference Board presents", New York, NY
2013 Nov - 2014 Jun "AT Kearney" Out reach exhibition program, New York, NY
2013 Red Dot Exhibition, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, Art Students League, New York, NY
2012 "Affordable Art Fair", New York, NY
2012 "On Discovery",Tazza Gallery,New York, NY
2012 "THE WORKS",Tazza Gallery,New York, NY
2012 Red Dot Exhibition, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, Art Students League, New York, NY
2017 3rd 2017 ArtSlant Prize Juried Winner in the sculpture Category
2013 The Art students League Red Dot Purchase Award
2013 Trudy & Henry Gillette Painting Scholarship Award /the Art Students League of New York
2013 Red dot award /the Art Students League of New York
2012 Red dot award /the Art Students League of New York
Permanent collection of The Art Students League of New York
2017 Zaratan AIR, Lisbon, Portugal
2017 GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
2015-2016 Pilotenkueche International Artist Residency Program, Leipzig, Germany
2014 NARS Foundation International Artist Residency Program, Brooklyn, NY
02/2011~ Art Students League New York, NY Painting. Mixed Media.
04/1993-03/1995 Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Nagoya, Japan Major: Graphics Design Completed.

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